She has lived as my wife for so long, now let her live as she is, Varghese Chandy responds to controversy

Rajini Chandy’s husband Varghese Chandy responds to controversy on his wife’s photoshoot

Rajini Chandy is the grandmother who became the favorite of the Malayalees through the movie ‘Oru Muthasshi Gada’ released in 2016. Rajinikanth’s performance in the first film was able to captivate the fans.

Later, when Bigg Boss came as a contestant in the last season, Rajini witnessed a lot of controversy. The controversy was sparked by the Bigg Boss house problems with Rajit Kumar and his subsequent remarks about Rajit Kumar after leaving the house. Now Rajini is coming up with a shocking makeover after days.

According to social media, Rajinikanth’s ultra-modern film shows that age does not matter when you look like skin does not age. I feel like I’m doing a freaky photoshoot. Rajini Chandy looked so stylish and stylish. Many comments appeared for and against.
Now, in response to the photoshoot and the controversy that followed, Rajini Chandy’s husband and photographer Athira Joy is on the scene.

When I told her about the photoshoot, the girl was really shocked. Confused as to whether or not. Pulikkari said that no photoshoot would take place without asking her husband Varghese Chandy. I went home and saw my uncle and presented the matter in the shelter. -Athira Joy says.Image may contain: 1 person

But Varghese Chandy, Rajini Chandy’s husband, gives a scathing reply without being afraid of the critics. She has been my wife for so long. All of these are opportunities for her to mark her personality. Now let her live as she is, let her shine as a queen. I like this mockover of Rajini, more than anyone else. Let the critics say whatever they want. Those pictures do not bother me husband.- Varghese Chandy responds.