Akshay Kumar will not be able to attend the Ambani family wedding because of Covid, the audience is worried about the return of Covid

Akshay Kumar is one of the most loved stars of Malayalees. Even though he is a Bollywood star, all his things are printed with great importance in the Kerala media. This is because he is an actor who always takes a pro-Sangh Parivar stance. That's why many people come forward in Kerala for and against him. Now the latest news…

Rakesh Sudheesan Rakesh Sudheesan

There is one shirt that Mohanlal has been keeping like a treasure for the past few years and the audience is left wondering the story behind it.

Mohanlal is one of the most favorite actors of Malayalees. He is the biggest superstar in the history of Malayalam cinema. He has acted in some of the biggest Malayalam classic films of all time. It can be said that Mohanlal is undoubtedly one of the best actors in Indian cinema, not just world cinema. Just as Mohanlal movies are…

Rakesh Sudheesan Rakesh Sudheesan

Fans were shocked to hear Lachu’s real age in Mizhi 2, and the audience lovingly advised him to go to school.

Mizhi Ranmal is one of the most favorite serials of Malayalees. The series is being aired on the channel Zee Keralam. Megha Mahesh is the name of the actress who plays the central character in this movie. Lachu is the character of Srikutty's favorite sister-in-law, hiding the fact that she is the wife of the character Sanju. The makers have…

Rakesh Sudheesan Rakesh Sudheesan

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The BJP leader was beaten to death with an ax and an iron rod. His arm and leg were broken with an iron rod.

BJP leader Yasin Khanwaz was killed by a group of people, police…

Rakesh Sudheesan Rakesh Sudheesan

It is impossible to sleep at night. Frankly, I can’t even hold the mic; Rimi Tommy

Rimi Tommy is a singer who is loved by Malayalees. The actor…

Rakesh Sudheesan Rakesh Sudheesan

I took the blame. The reason for deleting that video is; Robin

Robin Radhakrishnan is a star known to Malayalis through Bigg Boss. Even…

Rakesh Sudheesan Rakesh Sudheesan

Jasmin has no other relations in Kochi. There is no break in the relationship with Jasmin. Rezmin replied

Rezmin is known to Malayalis through Bigg Boss. Rezmin was eliminated after…

Rakesh Sudheesan Rakesh Sudheesan

Cheating Dileapetan was something that people could not accept then. Now people have changed

Dileep's movie Life of Josooty was released in 2015. Actress Jyoti Krishna…

Rakesh Sudheesan Rakesh Sudheesan

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20 minute teaser of Monster Hunter is out

Monster Hunter: World, has released a 20 minute teaser for the gaming community. The promotional video throws light to the kind of graphics texture of game. With the video footage,…

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