Leave me alone - Pearly Mani with an appeal to the online media

Leave me alone – Pearly Mani with an appeal to the online media

Pearly Mani is one of the favorite stars of Malayalees. Pearly Mani has become a favorite star of Malayalees as a reality show presenter. She was a notable actor in the television industry for a very short time. Later she appeared in many Malayalam movies in small and big roles.

She was also a contestant in the first edition of Bigg Boss, one of the most popular shows of all time in Malayalam. Pearly’s husband is Sreenish Aravind, another contestant in the event itself. Theirs was one of the most celebrated marriages of Malayalees. Now the couple is getting ready to welcome their first child.

Pearly Mani is very active on social media. They share all the highlights of their lives with their fans through social media. All of this is being reported by the online media. Finally, the actor himself has now come out directly against the online media. The actor’s request is to let him go free.

Pearly has come up with such a request following the news given by News 18 media. But now we see the trend of online media turning this into another news. But the online media cannot be blamed for this. The online media is giving such news one after the other for the sole reason that there are people to read such news. It is only then that the online media will stop publishing such news. In short, everything is in your hands.