Private pictures between Ritu and Gia Irani out, shocking fans

Private pictures between Ritu and Gia Irani out

Ritu Mantra is one of the main contestants in Bigg Boss. The actress is also a great model. The season has had a lot of fans since Bigg Boss arrived. The show has seemed a bit unfocused in recent episodes, with rumors circulating that Ritu and Manikuttan are in love. After that, it was rumored that the actor was in love with Ramzan and not Manikuttan.

But fans say Ritu has another boyfriend. A post about it went viral on social media. The idea was that the show would feature only romantic dramas. Anyway it was pictures of the season and the lover together. After this, Jiah came on the scene. Jiah said that she and Ritu are close friends.

There were also questions from the fans as to when the wedding would take place. In the month of Makara, Jiah posted a scene called ‘Appo Kalyanam’ after building a fence. The question of what is the connection between you also came from the fans. Jia provided the Airtel logo. The actress also posted some pictures with the season. Now, pictures of some other private moments between the two have come out.

In the pictures, the two are kissing and hugging. The post also mentions that he misses the season. Fans are overwhelmed by the pictures. There is an earlier group of people inside Bigg Boss who have accused us of being just plays or real life. Ritu is a model and a regular in various beauty pageants. The actress is a native of Kannur.