Anupama says Akshay is mine, do you know who this new friend of Anupama is?

Anupama says Akshay is mine, do you know who this new friend of Anupama ?

Anupama Parameswaran will be the actress who has made the most fans with her single ‘Premam’. This is not just a claim. Today, Anupama is one of the most admired actresses in India. This is evidenced by the star’s Instagram account. Anupama is probably one of the most followed actresses in India. This Tara Sundari has received such a great reception. In the meanwhile, the actor switched from Malayalam to another language.

There were many rumors about the star. One of them was the news that the cricketer was in love with cricketer Jaspreet Bumra. News spread that the two were going to get married. Anupama’s mother came on the scene denying all this. The media all commented on how many times my daughter had been married. Anupama was the only South Indian to follow Jaspreet Bumra.

This was followed by Bumra’s marriage. Anupama said that when she was questioned, she was worshiped and that was the only reason she was followed. Very active on social media. Anupama’s posts all get excellent reach. The star’s posts have more likes than the number of followers of many celebrities. Now Anupama’s new post is going viral. The actor has shared new pictures.

Anupama shared the pictures with the caption ‘Mine’. Many fans are reacting to the film. Anupama has released pictures of herself with her brother Akshay. Asokan in Maniyara is the last Malayalam movie made by Anupama. The short film ‘Freedom at Midnight’ was recently released on YouTube. Anupama did a great job in this.