Meghna, baby shower video viral in front of Cheeru's picture with full belly

Meghna, baby shower video viral in front of Cheeru’s picture with full belly

Meghna Raj is the favorite actress of Malayalees. Although Meghna made her Malayalam debut with the humble film Yakshiyum Njanum, her role as Anjali in Beautiful changed her career. Then Meghna was a part of a handful of films in Malayalam.

Meghna has played notable roles not only in Malayalam but also in Tamil, Kannada and Telugu. Meghna’s husband was Chiranjeevi Sarja, a Kannada actor. Chiranjeevi was also the nephew of actor Arjun Sarja. Chiru left us last April. It was also the time when Meghna was pregnant.

The baby shower pictures that Meghan shared on Instagram a few days ago went viral. The celebration included a cutout of her husband Cheeru. The films were well received on social media. Meghna has now released a video of the ceremony.

The video was released through Meghna’s official Instagram account. At the beginning of the video, Chiru is shown. The scene in front of Meghna Cheeru’s picture with her full belly is heartbreaking. Below the video are a lot of great comments.

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