Kunchacko Boban: I am play with my son and priya is cooking !!

Entertainer Kunchacko Boban was going for his up and coming film coordinated by Martin Prakkat when everyone began rehearsing social removing and home isolate to forestall the spread of Covid-19. Presently, the on-screen character is at his home in Kochi with his better half Priya and child Izza.

Kunchacko Boban uncovers to us that larger part of his isolate time is devoted to his child Izza. “I had been on the go for the Martin Prakkat film and needed to avoid home for over about fourteen days. I was truly missing our child, Izza, yet now, he is causing me to remain alert and compensating for the exercises that I would pass up something else (Laughs). I am play with him, wash and feed him. Priya is on a cooking binge and is testing a great deal with new dishes. She made amazing doughnuts, better than any I’ve at any point had. I am likewise understanding contents and finding companions over relaxed telephone conversations,”he includes.

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