Didn't you see Anushka Chechi standing with her head bowed?  See the fan response to Pearly's comment that we should do the same

Didn’t you see Anushka Sharma’s Yoga position? See the fan response to Pearly’s comment

Pearly Mani is one of the favorite stars of Malayalees. The actor is getting more attention through the field of television. Pearly Mani was the presenter of the show D for Dance which was telecast on Manorama in the rain. He later made his film debut in Jayasurya starrer Preetham. Since then, Pearly Mani has been active on both the big screen and the mini screen.

Bigg Boss was one of the most popular shows in Malayalam. The Malayalam version of the show was presented by Mohanlal. Pearly Mani was a contestant in the first season of the show. Sreenish Aravind was another contestant in the event. The two later got married. Now they are getting ready to welcome their first child.

Pearly Mani is a very active star on social media. The actor shares all his new experiences with his fans through Instagram. All the pictures shared by Pearly Mani have social media captors within seconds. Now the latest pictures shared by the actress have become a new topic of discussion on social media.

The actress shared pictures of herself standing on a full stomach. The caption given to the pictures is “Ammayude Muthe”. There are a lot of interesting comments coming through the pictures. One of the comments was – “Didn’t you see Anushka Chechi bowing her head? Interesting replies are coming to this comment. Most of the answers come in the form of “Pearly really happened”.

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