This is a historic moment, an Indian player first behind the real Sunny Leone

This is a historic moment, an Indian actress in first poisition, pushing Sunny Leone to second

Yahoo is the second most popular search engine in India after Google. The list of the most searched actresses by Yahoo search engine was released last day. It was a fort that Sunny Leone had occupied for years. But this is what is broken now. An Indian cricketer has been beaten up by Sunny Leone.

Emperor Rhea tops the list. Riya Chakraborty was one of the most talked about names after the Sushant Singh case. They were embroiled in a number of controversies. The case was widely discussed by political parties ahead of the Bihar elections. This was because Sushant Singh Rajput was a native of Bihar.

Second on the list is an Indian actress. Kangana Ranaut tops the list. Their hobby is to comment on all the issues going on in the country. Everything they said caused a great deal of controversy, as it offered a lot of stupidity. Moreover, they have a large PR team to carry out their speech. The BJP IT cell gave her a large-scale heroine environment as she made more pro-BJP statements.

Third on the list is an Indian actress. Deepika Padukone is in the third position. Deepika Padukone was a non-controversial actress in general. But earlier this year, they joined the strike, declaring solidarity with JNU students. Therefore, they were the subject of much controversy. The BJP IT cell did not give them a headache. That must be why they came in third on the list.

Real Sunny Leone is in fourth place. They are not very active in Bollywood right now. That is why their names are not searched by many people now. Anyway, at least this time, the Bharatputras are happy that the Indian players have topped the list.

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