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Balabhaskar accident; Prakash Thampi gave statement

Prakash Thampi has given statement before Crime branch, which might provide some defying moments in the Balabhaskar case. While giving statement to Crime Branch, Prakash Thampi restated that it was Arjun, who had driven the car, when the accident happened. He maintained that he had visited Arjun, when the former …

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Lakshmi made it clear that Balabhaskar wasn’t driving

The untimely death of violinist Balabhaskar, plunged the whole state into gloom, while a section started demanding a serious probe into the accident episode. During the accident which claimed two lives – Balabhaskar and two year daughter Tejaswini Balabhaskar – left two lives in the hospital bed – Lakshmi Balabhaskar …

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