Lakshmi made it clear that Balabhaskar wasn’t driving

The untimely death of violinist Balabhaskar, plunged the whole state into gloom, while a section started demanding a serious probe into the accident episode. During the accident which claimed two lives – Balabhaskar and two year daughter Tejaswini Balabhaskar – left two lives in the hospital bed – Lakshmi Balabhaskar and driver Arjun. While Arjun’s injury wasn’t of grave in nature, the case with Lakshmi remained a concern for the doctor team. Well, it was in the last week which Lakshmi Balabhaskar has managed leaving the hospital bed.

That said, replying to the queries of Police officials, Lakshmi made it clear, that Balabhaskar wasn’t the one, who drove the car. She claimed that he was merely resting in the back seat, while it was Arjun, who drove the car into accident. Now, this positioned the statement of Arjun at a contradictory level, as he had earlier claimed that it was Balabhaskar, who was driving the car; whereas, Arjun was resting in the back seat. With police officials managing to find out an incongruity between the statements given by these two survivors, it has to be seen, what results would come out during the investigation further now.

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