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People go to the school thinking it’s a five-star hotel and ask for a room’; Education Minister V Sivankutty on the quality of schools in Kerala

Thrissur: Education Minister V. Shivankutty The minister was talking about the quality of schools in Kerala in the Navakerala audience.

Five thousand crore rupees have been spent for schools in Kerala. ‘Many people see the buildings on the road side and mistake it for a five star hotel and ask if there is a room.

All the old people sitting here feel like they are back in school. Minister Radhakrishnan said that many people of Kudumbashree go to schools.

I went to the inauguration of a school in Wayanad the other day. The school of the child who died of snakebite. Not only that the school building was constructed at a cost of Rs 5 crore, but the first lift was also converted into a government school,’ said the minister.

Kerala is a state that has stopped trading in education. Again don’t try to bring it into the unaided zone. If you try hard, you will take a strict stance. The minister said that money should not be collected from children unnecessarily and financial burden should not be imposed.

The minister added that the government has the attitude that the students studying in the aided sector and the government sector are the children of Kerala.

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