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Ousted from Variyam Kunnan; scriptwriter responds to the media

Upon getting ousted from the project, ‘Variyam Kunnan’ scriptwriter Ramees has marked his response before the media. Stating that he would be back to prove his innocence. Stating that he had no alliance with any religious fanatic groups, Ramees maintained that he had withdrawn from the project, in order to not tarnish the prospects of the project. Stating that he had been doing research for the project from 2012, Ramees made it clear that he approached Harshad as part of the completion of the script.

Turning down all such accusations against the project, Ramees stated that accusations such as tweaking history were all baseless. Earlier the day, director Aashiq Abu informed the media that scriptwriter Ramees had been ousted from the project, since they had some political disagreement. Aashiq Abu further added that since a black spot had been found on the intentions of Ramees, it was the scriptwriter’s responsibility to prove his innocence.

Since the announcement day itself, the project was surrounded by controversies, which especially pointed out the social media posts of the script writer. A section of the social media has even gone onto criticize the hero of the project, Prithviraj for committing such a project.