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Number of violation cases increases as Lockdown gets easing

The state is going through one of the most crucial phases, as people have started overlooking the rules and regulation. In Kochi, police have caught 16 people for violating the quarantine norms, out of which 6 persons, who have violated home quarantine instructions, were shifted to a special observatory at Edakochi. The rest, including a cancer patient, are allowed to remain in the home quarantine with strict conditions. Police surveillance has been intensified amid widespread complaints of quarantine violations. The inspection was conducted directly using the surveillance app and as well as with the help of the Beat police.

The district administration has set up a special institutional quarantine center at Edakochi to accommodate those who violate the quarantine norms. Police said that surveillance will continue in the coming days and strict actions will be taken against those who violate the quarantine.

Meanwhile, breaching the norms, it was found that the Indian Coffee House near the corporation had opened the outlet and administered food distribution. While it is a Corporation canteen, it was found that many outsiders joined in the afternoon session and were served food by the authorities. When questioned, officials said that the corporation served food only to employees, even though the presence of outsiders was proven. The police officials have taken the statements of the staff members as well as the people who had been there to eat, followed which, the institution got closed.

As the state is still under lockdown, hotels and restaurants are allowed to perform only parcel delivery. Even after the repeated warnings issued by the chief minister himself and district collector, it was shocking that the violation happened inside the Corporation Compound itself. Earlier, it was after the complaints registered by nearby shop owners, which the issue was noticed by the authorities. Without adhering to the social distancing norms, a single table had occupied as many as four people sitting around it. For the violation of lockdown norms by an institution, which is meant for leading an example, town police has registered a case against the Indian coffee house manager.

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