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Covid 19: India to touch new heights by third week of June

As the number of Covid cases are on an increasing note, a new study revealed that the worst is yet to come. The study was conducted by Nandadulal Bairagi, a professor at the Center for Mathematical Biology and Ecology at Jadavpur University and five other researchers, suggest the same. The study has suggested that Covid cases are expected to reach their highest levels in India between June 21 and 28. The study predicts the daily covid positive count to touch 7,000-7,500 marks during this period. Expected to rise until the end of June, the daily number of Covid cases is likely to drop from the second week of July.

With an increase in measures and testing against Covid, researchers suggest that the intensity of Covid 19 might take a backseat in India by October. However, the study pronounced some uncomfortable numbers, as Prof. Bairagi predicted the total number of cases of Covid in the country to reach five lakhs in the first week of October. He attributed this to the spread of the disease in a non-symptomatic manner. The research suggested following tight measurements such as lockdown in order to contain the disease, especially since no specific drug or vaccine has made its presence felt against coronavirus.

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