Kerala Schools to Reopen from November 1st, after one and half years

Schools in Kerala will reopen on November 1st. Schools closed in the wake of the Covid crisis are set to reopen after about a year and a half. The crucial decision regarding the reopening of schools was taken at the Covid review meeting convened by Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan.

Matters relating to the opening of schools and in which classes the study should begin will be decided later. The Chief Minister himself had made it clear last week that the issue of opening schools was under discussion. The government has also been discussing the issue with health experts.

Indications are that classes may not start at the primary level. Perhaps the government is considering starting classes in the ninth grade. Covid spread is declining in Kerala. In addition, the government aims to provide the first dose of the vaccine to all 18-year-olds by September 30. The first dose of vaccination is 82 percent complete.