KAS Rank list Published; First Rank in all Streams goes to women

Thiruvananthapuram: The rank list of Kerala Administrative Service (KAS 2021) known as Kerala’s own civil service, has been announced by Kerala PSC at a press conference held in Thiruvananthapuram. The list was announced by PSC Chairman Adv. M.K. Zakir . The exam was conducted in three streams.

KAS Stream 1 (One) Rank List 2021:
First Rank- Malini S.
Second Rank – Nandana S Pillai,
3rd Rank – Gopika Udayan,
4th Rank – Athira SV,
5th Rank Gautham M.

KAS Stream 2 (Two) Rank List:
First Rank Akhila Chacko
Second Rank: Jayakrishnan KG,
Third Rank: Parvathi Chandran L,
Fourth Rank: Lipu S Lawrence
Fifth Rank: Joshua Bennett John

KAS Stream 3 (Three) Rank List:-
1st Rank: Anoop Kumar V.,
2nd Rank – Ajeesh K,
3rd Rank – Pramod GV,
4th Rank- Chithralekha KK,
5th Rank – Sanop S

The 105 candidates who qualified for the KAS exam will go to work on November 1. The main list on Stream One includes 122 people.