India-China border conflict; Assault with bayonetta and an iron rod; after the confrontation discussion

The clash took the lives of three soldiers on the India-China border. Military sources said there had been no firing. The gunfire but the assault was with bayonetta and iron rods,  caused the casualties. The incident occurred while both forces returning to their military posts after the border talks.

There was a tension between the soldiers as they returned to the military posts to discuss the Galvan valley. Soldiers on both sides fought with a gun path and sticks. Three Indian soldiers, including a colonel, lost their lives in the brutal attack. China’s 5 soldiers have died and 11 have been wounded.

The clash that took place late yesterday ended at midnight. Subsequently, the talks started at the same place at 7.30 am. This discussion is not over yet. In the event of tension, the government issued an emergency alert to border troops. Armies are being deployed on land and air forces. Soldiers are advised not to entertain further provocation.