Fatima’s death: Interrogation of three teachers

Teachers questioned in connection with the death of Fathima Latif, a Malayali student from Madras IT FATIMA Latif’s suicide note says three teachers were named by the IG. The Special Investigation Team led by Ishwar Murthy questioned.

Students staged a hunger strike demanding an inquiry into Fatima’s death. Meanwhile, the central government has urgently summoned the IT director to Delhi. The IT director was summoned to Delhi as the death of Fatima was affecting the parliamentary session. The Director of HRD will come to the Ministry and present the circumstances.

Sundarshan Padmanabhan and his co-teachers Milind and Hemachandran, who were accused of religious discrimination, were brought to the IT guest house. All three were questioned in isolation. They will check for contradictions in the statements given. It is only after this that you decide whether to interrogate again.

Meanwhile, the student body Chinta Bar has decided to continue the hunger strike near the main entrance of IT. This follows the rejection of the demand by the IT director to declare an internal inquiry into Fatima’s death and to form an expert panel to study the psychological tension in children.

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