Java and Java-42 are really Powerful; 334 cc of engine power

Returning to India more than two decades later, Java bikes are in the age of one. Java and Java 42 bikes are reported to be getting stronger as they return and celebrate their first anniversary.

The bikes will be powered by 334cc engines with BS-6 level. This is the engine offered in the Java Parek bike that was introduced to the cruiser bike range last week. These bikes are currently powered by a 293 cc engine.

The newly arrived BS-6 is powered by a 334cc single-cylinder engine producing 30.4 PS of power and 31 Nm of torque. This vehicle produces three PS power and three Nm of torque more than the previous model.

It is also rumored that the current 293cc engine will be upgraded to BS-6 standard. The new engine is expected to hit the market by mid-2020. Doesn’t change the design.

Powerful Java and Java 42 bikes are expected to cost around Rs 15,000 to Rs 20,000. Ex-showroom priced at Rs 1.64 lakh for Java and Rs 1.55 lakh for Java 42.

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