Andrea is in a good mood. Did you see the comments below the movie?

Andrea is in a good mood. Did you see the comments?

Andrea Jeremiah is one of the leading actresses in South India. There is no regular actor who repeats the same roles as normal heroines. Andrea always chooses different characters. The actor has already done many roles that are important for acting and action.

Andrea last appeared in the movie Master starring Vijay. Although the actress appears on the screen for only a short time, it was one of the most glorious roles in the film. His performance in Vadachennai was also well received. Andrea is currently starring in the second part of the film.

Andrea is a very active player on social media. The pictures and stories shared by the actor are all the talk of social media in a matter of seconds. Now the following comments for the latest pictures shared by the star have become the talk of the town. The caption given by the actor below the picture seems to be the problem.

The caption given to the film by the actor is “Mood”. Below this are a number of ambiguous comments. It is also noteworthy that more than half are Malayalees. It has become a regular hobby of Malayalees to go down and preach culture while the actresses share their favorite pictures on their profile. In any case, I do not expect any change in the behavior of the Malayalees.