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Oppo F7 faked the benchmarks scores of Helio P60

Oppo has landed in a controversy, as the brand’s latest outing Oppo F7 has reportedly faked the benchmark scores of Helio P60. The Helio P60 comes four with Cortex A73 cores processors; they clocked 2GHz. The other four units – Cortex A53 – too clocked 2GHz. According to the reports, Oppo has used to fake the processing speed of Helio P60.

Reports suggest that when users run benchmark tests by using various benchmark apps, Oppo F7 simply copies down the performance of Helio P60. However, a tech company has reportedly tested the benchmark scores of Oppo F7 using their own parameters, and found the fake scores. When pointing out the same to Oppo, the Chinese smartphone giant has reportedly not given a satisfactory answer.

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  1. they haven’t faked the processing speed. to explain it better, let’s use an example of a car, so the top speed of the car is let’s say 200 mph (321.869 kmph). now, you’re driving your car at say at the speed limit but to show off to your friends, you go to the maximum speed possible. SO this is what clocking the processor at 2 Ghz means. it’s the maximum capacity a processor can go, hence to show off you flaunt your top speed.

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