‘Uppum Mulakum’ actress Aswathy Nair sizzled in photo shoot

‘Uppum Mulakum’ is a popular series on Flowers TV. ‘Uppum Mulakum’ is a little more realistic than the other series in the Malayalam television industry. The series can be described as a short story that takes place within a small family. The highlights on social media right now are the highlights of an actress in the ‘Uppum Mulakum’ series. The main character of the series is Ashwaty Nair and she plays the role of ‘Pooja Jayaram’ in the serial.

Now fans are discussing Ashwathy’s latest photoshoots. Their arrival on social media comes as a variety of photoshoots every day. Ashwathy, who became very popular through the salt and pepper serial, has once again won the admiration of the fans with these films.

The pictures were shared through the actress’ Instagram account. The film has already received thousands of likes. In the movie, Ashwathy Nair poses in an ultra-stylish look. All the films are getting a great response from the fans.