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Tourer and Hero Xplus 200T all over the pocket

Hero MotoCorp is struggling to keep number one. Hero recently launched 5 new models. The scooter models, the Maestro Edge 125, the revamped Pleasure, and the 3 Dropped Bikes. All of these are the eagerly awaited Model X Pulse. We test ride the X Pulse 200T model, which comes with the adventure model X Pulse. The first question is whether there is a difference between X Pulse and X Pulse 200T. The answer is clearly that the X-pulse is an off-road bike. Ideal for daily rides and long-distance travel.

In view

The 200T has come with the innovations. The retro look is reminiscent of 1980s bikes. Overall construction quality has improved. Lean form without large fissures. Round LED headlamp reminiscent of the CB300. Meter console with digital LCD display. You can connect your smart phone.

The call alert will be displayed on the display. Moreover, this is the first turn-by-turn GPS navigation in the segment. There is also a USB charging port under the seat. Wide handlebar similar to street bikes. End weight is gimmicky this time too. Switches are standard. There are only rear view mirrors. Usability is not enough. Simple tank design. Luxury writing without graphics.

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