Thiruvonam Bumber 2020 Winner Ananthu Vijayan is a millionaire at the age of 24

After hours of searching, Kerala found the millionaire who becomes the Thiruvonam Bumper Lottery 2020 winner. Anandu Vijayan, a native of Idukki who works in Ernakulam, became the owner of Rs 12 crore in one day. Ananthu, 24, became a millionaire with his TB 173964 ticket. 30 percent of the amount will go to the government as tax. An amount will go to the ticket-selling agent as commission. After consuming both, Ananthu will get Rs 7 crore 56 lakh.

Ananthu is an occasional lottery winner, having previously won only prizes of less than Rs 5,000. Ananthu’s family consists of his father, mother, aunt, and uncle. Building a house and building a good life are all Ananthu’s dreams. Ananthu works at the temple at Elamkulam in Ernakulam.

Ananthu bought the ticket from a person who was selling lottery tickets at Kadavanthra junction. Ananthu bought the ticket from a 68-year-old man named Agalar Swamy. But at first, Swami did not remember who had taken the ticket.

Swamy first told the media, “I sold the ticket. But I don’t remember who it was.” Swamy is a native of Dindigul, Tamil Nadu. This is the first time that Swami has sold such a large amount of money for a ticket. Swamy will also get a large amount of commission from the amount received by Ananthu