State registered 36th Covid death case

Fearing of community transmission, Poonthura fishing village has recorded is first COVID-19 victim. The samples of 70-year-old Arulappan, who died on July 10, has been tested positive for COVID-19. With this, the total number of Covid deaths in Kerala has touched 36. Incidentally, his source of infection is unknown.

Arulappan’s is also the second death reported along the coastal region of Thiruvananthapuram district. Earlier, 67-year-old Saifudeen’s, a native of Manikyavilakom near Poonthura, too succumbed to death, and has been tested positive. However, Saifudeen was already under treatment in the Medical College for COVID-19. According to the family members, Arulapan had been suffering from issues related to heart and kidney. They further suggest that on July 10th, Arulappan had developed severe breathing problems and was died on the way to the Medical College. His samples however were tested positive later.

As far as the source and contact list of Arulappan is concerned with, family members testify that he wasn’t known for having an extensive network of acquaintance however has met with people, who are connected to his small business. It must also be noted that none of his family members has shown any symptoms.