Prithviraj apologizes to Prithviraj for creating fake club house account

Sooraj Nair apologizes to Prithviraj for creating fake club house account

Recently, actor Prithviraj made a post stating that he is not at the club house. He also pointed to a person using an account in his name at the clubhouse. This person’s name is Suraj Nair. Sooraj has now come up with an apology. Sooraj says that what he did was not meant to catch anyone or gain anything, but was done as a joke.

By Sooraj’s post. Dear Rajuvetta, I am a big fan of yours. It is true that the account was started in your name on the new platform called Club House. But it was only when the account was started that I realized that my name and user ID could not be changed. I have tried to entertain many people in the club house room by learning the dialogue of the movie you did and telling it to others. Other than that I have not been involved in any kind of thing using your name.

A room can be made on June 7 at 4 p.m. The moderators intended with that room how Raju would talk to people when he came live. I never thought there would be so many people in it or it would be so much more of a problem. This was not done to gain anything in the name of O Rajuvettan to catch anyone. Understands the seriousness of what has been done. Therefore, the account in the club house was deleted.

I apologize to all Prithviraj fans who participated in that one discussion but were hurt. I had given my identity in the Club House Bio as soon as I knew I could not change the name. Along with that is Instagram LinkedIn. I only used it to imitate actor Rajuvettan. I was once an active member of Raju Vettan’s fan group. Now all the fans are calling me Teri. I do not care. The mistake that can easily get your claim denied is to fail. It is also wrong to imitate you in the room. Good luck. Once again, I apologize to those in the room and to the hunter. About Suraj.

Prithviraj shared this post. The actor said that it did not matter and that he was convinced of the mistake he had made. “Some of the jokes we make unknowingly can sometimes lead to very serious mistakes,” he said. Prithviraj says he does not support those who accuse him of this in his name. Prithviraj ends his post by saying that he is not in the club house below.