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So finally it’s time to officially announce it. Reneesha’s mother accepted her son-in-law

Vishnu Joshi and Reneesha are the stars who won the hearts of the audience through Bigg Boss. The bridal photoshoot pictures of Vishnu Joshi and Reneesha Rahman were released and it went viral immediately. Now Vishnu and Rineesha have given an official confirmation about their relationship. The matter has been clarified through Vishnu Joshi’s YouTube video. Vishnu has shared the video by saying, ‘That’s how it happened’. The entire eighteen minute long video is very entertaining. The funniest is the Vishnu Joshi- Reneesha Rahman combo and their natural dialogue. It’s interesting how Vishnu goes out of his way to establish that he and Reneesha are going to get married in the video.

Reneesha came with it. It is very interesting to ask whether we can confirm the wedding or not. When Umma calls Reneesha on the phone for not enough, Vishnu is also talking. Umm accepts her by calling her son-in-law. The video also shows how Reneesha’s family is taking it very interestingly in the background of many gossips. On the other hand, Reneesha is also struggling saying that theirs is Januvin’s friendship. So finally it’s time to officially announce it. At one point in the video, Reneesha and Vishnu say that we are both best friends. The video also includes interesting photoshoot highlights

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