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On Ajay Devgn and Kajol’s 21st anniversary !! watch photos !!

Entertainers Ajay Devgn and Kajol commend their 21st wedding commemoration on Monday. The dearest Bollywood couple got hitched in 1999 and have been divertingly trolling each other from that point forward.

Discussing how they met and experienced passionate feelings for, Kajol as of late told Humans of Bombay she was discussing him despite his good faith when the first occasion when she saw him. “We met 25 years prior, on the arrangements of Hulchul–I was prepared for the shot and asked, ‘Where’s my saint?’ Someone brought up him he was broodily sitting in a corner. So 10 minutes before I met him, I bitched about him! We started chatting on set and became companions,” she said.

Kajol included that they were both dating another person at that point however things worked out. “I was dating somebody at that point as was he–I’ve even grumbled about my then beau to him! Before long, we both parted ways with our huge others,” she included. “We’d been dating for a long time, when we chose to get hitched. His folks were ready, yet my father didn’t converse with me for 4 days. He needed me to concentrate on my vocation, yet I was firm and he in the end came around,” she said. Kajol and Ajay stayed quiet about their marriage and even gave the media an off-base location to keep them befuddled.

The couple started an ideal coexistence and invited girl Nysa and child Yug. “An existence with him is content–we’re not very sentimental or anything–we care for one another. In case I’m thinking moronic things, it’ll leave my mouth without a channel and the other way around,” she said about their marriage.

Prashant P Patil
Prashant P Patil
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