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Indications that the tower location of the ransom call has been found: Inspection has started in all 14 districts

In the case of the 6-year-old girl being beaten up in Kollam Oyur, the location of the call tower demanding the ransom has been found. It is reported that the tower location of the call to the mother demanding Rs 5 lakh has been found.

Meanwhile, the inspection is being conducted at the Kollam- Thiruvananthapuram district border. ADGP in charge of law and order has advised to conduct inspection in all districts even if there is no possibility of going long distance with the child.

It is reported that a woman called the child’s mother demanding Rs 5 lakh.

At the same time, MLA Ganesh Kumar said that he got clues about the car that was hijacked.

Raji’s daughter Abhikel Sara, a native of Oyur, took away Reji. The group that arrived in the car at Oyur Katadimuk was hitting the child.

The incident happened this evening. The vehicle KL 01 3176 is being investigated.

The brother says that the people in the car asked him if he would give a paper to his mother. The girl was being dragged into the car. When the boy tried to stop, the car suddenly moved forward and the boy fell down.

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