iffk 2019 silencer movie review priyanandanan

There are some men. When the fire of ignorance burns, they will long for the sound. Their presence can be unbearable for some. Attempts will be made to keep them away. This is the story of Priyanandan’s silencer, which was screened in Malayalam cinema today at Kerala International Film Festival.

The central character of the film is Moosekodan Eesanu, who keeps away from his family despite his wealth. Having a son is no fun for both. Therefore, everything that goes by is an old Rajdut scooter. This scooter is called the son by Eenasu. At home, this 70-year-old is talking and getting closer to this vehicle.

He escapes from his family’s isolation by riding a scooter that sounds too harsh. But that doesn’t catch many. The film tells how isolation and the attempt to escape can hurt someone. Silencer paints another face of the loneliness experienced by the elderly at home.

What makes the film special is the perfect character creation. The personality of the protagonist is in the conversation of the cyclone, who says that the bicycle is not just a vehicle that is stretched out but also a bicycle.

Lal’s spectacular performance is the backbone of the film. Irshad, Meera Vasudev, Ramu and Binoy Nambola are the other stars. Along with them, a scooter is playing the role of a full-time character. The film moves simultaneously into drama, thriller and fantasy. Bijibal’s background music and Asvaghoshan’s camera were instrumental in strengthening it.

Screenplay and dialogues were prepared by PN. Gopikrishnan and Manoj Kannoth who handled the editing deserve applause. The film is based on Vaisakhan’s story and ends with a mix of reality and fantasy.

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