Image Credit: GM Modular (Twitter)

GM Modular all set to open new showroom in Calicut

GM Modular Pvt. Ltd has announced opening up a new showroom in Calicut this May. As was announced earlier by the company, they would soon be starting off a new showroom in Calicut. The showroom will come at Red Cross Road. GM Modular has already got a store in Calicut. However, the new showroom would come with an extensive collection of luxury innovative solutions.

A leader in home automation, new generation switches, Bluetooth music players, LED lighting, GM Modular Pvt. Ltd has its branches across major cities, like Bangalore, Hyderabad and Mumbai. While opening up the new showroom, GM Modular company officials have maintained that they would be bringing some exclusive collections of eco friendly inventions to the Calicut showroom.

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