Image Courtesy: ANI

Final Year Examination: UGC asks Universities and Colleges to follow Standard Operating Procedure

While commenting on the final year examinations of University & College students, the University Grants Commission Secretary Prof. Rajnish Jain said that no higher education institution can opt out from the conductance of the examinations. He said that the conductance of both graduation and post graduation examinations are very important; at the same time, the safety of students is of prime concern.

Prof. Rajnish Jain also maintained that, Universities and Colleges can opt to conduct the examinations through either online or offline modes; they can also go for a blended approach as well. The UGC Secretary further added that the guidelines of conductance have been issued, which are based on the Standard Operating Procedure, as was suggested by the Health Ministry. As was mentioned in the revised guidelines issued by UGC on July 6th, the final year examinations should be conducted within September 30, 2020.