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Excellent performance, 8-year warranty battery, Tata’s electric Nexon arrives

Tata Motors plans to launch the compact SUV’s electric version next month. The vehicle is powered by Ziptron, which the company has developed for electric vehicle technology. The Nexon EV is expected to be priced between Rs 15 lakh and Rs 17 lakh. Tata Motors is aiming to bring the electric Nexon up to 300km each time it is charged.

Backed by Siptron technology, Tata Motors promises that the Nexon EV will be equipped with an efficient high-voltage device, fast charging, eight-year warranty and battery. In addition, the company will ensure IP-67 standards in dust control and water resistance. Tip Motors claims the Siptron’s excellence is its high-voltage system, high-performance, long-range and fast battery charging. The company also offers an eight-year warranty on the battery

Tata Motors President (Electric Mobility Business & Corporate Strategy) Shailesh Chandra said that the company is planning to sell Nexon EVs to individual users in the January-March quarter. It is hoped that the Nexon will be able to overcome the limitations of the current electric vehicle market with the help of sophisticated Siptron technology. He claims that the Nexon EV is capable of delivering performance despite being completely polluted

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