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Both father and sons are earning in four ways. But we had an idol for Mallika. It is for no other reason; Maniyanpillai Raju

Actress Mallika Sukumaran and Maniyanpilla Raju's friendship story is now viral on social media. Both of them shared the friendship story at the Mathrubhumi Aksharotsava stage. When the presenter says that Mallikechi says that you were a terrible spade, it is not so. We studied from 1st class to 4th class in model school. I am in A division and this is in B division. If the teacher does not come to our class, Moha Mallika from the next class will come. There are traces of her coming from the Kainikara family. Hats off to all. And good at learning. He knows how to sing. It's top there for whatever reason. Mallika used to write down the names of those who spoke in class and used to get slapped. At that time it was said that this one foot is so many yards. One day, when Sir came, Sudhir Kumar looked at my face and told me that he had spoken badly. When I asked him what was wrong, he asked how big a kundi was. Sir, in front of everyone, he beat me and destroyed me.

Others will give them these color pencils. I knew that my name was written because I did not give. But still we had a adoration for Mallika. It's because of nothing else. Story talk, songstress. That's why I had great respect for the artist. None of these allegations are true. Do any of you think I'm a witch? All this was said when I was eight years old. Sir will tell us and write down the names of the mischievous people here. Whenever he goes to class, he is always one of two. The other was a police officer who is afraid to be named. They are going up and down on the bench and there is a lot of noise in the class.

What can I do? I will write. These two will always be there. Sir, when I asked him once, he gave Mallika a pencil with a rubber on it as a bribe. Sudhir Kumar said that we will not give it, so our name comes up regularly. The truth is that there is no person in Malayalam cinema who knows how to make instant jokes then and now. At first we will think that it is Kunchan. It is him. We are good friends then. And they live next to each other. All his girlfriends are my good friends. Since then, the friendship has continued to this day. The marriage is over, the wife and the better child. Then the children. They are also filmmakers. Both father and sons are earning in four ways. Now if you call any movie, it will not come. Because he doesn't have time to look after the rest of the business. There are many things like production and so on. I have bought five or six houses in Thiruvananthapuram. I have only one house. He reigns as the king of Thiruvananthapuram- Sudheer Kumar Kumar aka Maniyan Pillai Raju speaks from where Mallika stops.

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