Apple is going to give up the iPhone and the next target is AR glasses

Apple’s iPhones are the best tech product released in the last few decades. The iPhone is the first phone series to popularize smart phones. The global market has opened not only for Apple phones, but also for many other gadgets, devices and accessories. But Apple, the Silicon Valley-based Cupertino-based company, says it will discontinue its iPhone series in the future.

The company has recently made small hints about the release of Augmented Reality Glasses. Apple plans to release its first product in 2022 and an updated version in 2023. According to information leaked online, AR glasses are expected to replace Apple’s iconic iPhones. This is because the capabilities of glasses are predicted to make iPhones obsolete

AR technology is basically a virtual layer planted above the real world placed in front of you. You can set up road navigation in front of you, or get the best deals in real time at restaurants in front of you. Apple has already integrated AR features into existing iPhones through apps that use the phone’s camera to measure object dimensions.

CEO Tim Cook has firmly stated that Apple believes that Augmented Reality is the future of the company, not to be confused with virtual reality. Moreover, sales of Apple’s latest iPhones are declining. Therefore, Apple’s move is to focus on AR for the long term.

Apple still has a long way to go when it comes to replacing iPhones with wearable AR devices. Glasses need to be brought into the mainstream before they are eliminated. Apple will have to wait until those glasses become popular. Apple is likely to roll out new iPhones for at least a few years now.

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