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Antony Perumbavoor daughter Anisha engagement video

Producer Anthony Perumbavoor’s daughter’s engagement video released. Footage of the ceremony attended by Mohanlal and his family went viral on social media. The ceremony was held at a private hotel in Kochi. It was Mohanlal who called the marriage contract.

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Dr. Anisha, daughter of Antony Perumbavoor and Shanthi, and Dr. Perumbavoor Chakiath. Dr. Emil Vincent, son of Vincent and Sindhu, was engaged to be married on August 30. Emil’s mother Sindhu Pala is the daughter of the late Jose Padinjarekara, who was the municipal chairman. He is also the producer of the movie Poomukhappadiyil Ninnai Kathu. The two families have been close for 27 years.

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Only 50 people attended the ceremony, which met Kovid standards. Mohanlal addressed the function. A video message from Neil Vincent and his family, who played Emil’s brother and starred as a child in Olympian Anthony Adam, was also on display. His wife Leah Sebastian is also abroad with Neil. Neil and his family, who were stranded in the United States due to the lockdown, were unable to attend the ceremony in person. Emil and Anisha are getting married in December.

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