Ahead of CES 2018, Lenovo unveils ThinkPad Docking Station


Lenovo has unveiled three major products ahead of the upcoming CES 2018. These are the products from Lenovo going to brace the event – ThinkPad Docking Station, ThinkVision Monitor, and Tablet 10. Apart from these major products, Lenovo has also launched three variants of the ThinkPad series laptops. The laptops, ThinkPad L, ThinkPad T, and ThinkPad X too are thus going to make their presence felt in CES 2018.

Lenovo ThinkPad Docking Station

The Lenovo ThinkPad Docking Station has got three models: Basic 90W, Pro 135W, and the Ultra 135W. There are 12, 14, and 15 inch screen size options available with the Docking Station.

Lenovo ThinkVision Monitors

Lenovo ThinkVision Monitors have got two variants: ThinkVision X24, and ThinkVision P32u. They offer respectively 24 inch and 32 inch screens.

Lenovo Tablet 10

Lenovo Tablet 10 is a 2 – in – 1 detachable PC, which is powered by Intel Celeron processor. The company has featured fingerprint scanner and discrete Trusted Platform Module to offer security for Lenovo Tablet 10.