You always spread happiness around with a smile;  Actress Sivada shares good news

You always spread happiness around with a smile; Actress Sshivada shares good news

Sivada and Murali Krishnan are a couple who have become familiar to the audience. Both were active on social media, shining on the screen. The couple got married with the consent of the family after a long love affair. All their wedding pictures went viral on social media. Murali Krishna has worked in the serial film industry.

At the same time, Sivada became a social media presence after becoming a mother. The actress often shares pictures of her daughter and husband with her fans. Now Sivada’s congratulatory words about her daughter’s birthday have gone viral on social media.

‘I remember everything I stepped on my stomach when I was inside, like yesterday. I hope you realize how much your father and I love and adore you as you turn two today. The best thing that ever happened to us was that you were born.

You are the joy of our lives. Sivada wrote on Instagram. Arundhati, I wish you all the best and spread happiness all around you with a smile .. Sivada says happy birthday to my little princess.

‘I always feel great happiness when everyone says that my career and family are very balanced, and so is my family. But today was a difficult day for my mother. ‘ Sivada now shares her grief over not being able to celebrate her daughter’s birthday.

‘This birthday felt so down when I couldn’t spend time with my baby. Arundhati misses you a lot Molly. I wish this never happened again. Doing a lot of loving hugs. I have nothing to say about the way I decorated her. ‘