Worried about hair fall? Try this home remedy to prevent hairfall

Nowadays, hair fall is a common problem among people irrespective of age and gender.It may be due to variety of factors like nutritional deficiency,hereditary, hormonal imbalance (especially thyroid hormone), stress or due to use of some hair products containing excessive chemicals.

It is very easy to control hairfall by using some products easily available in home.

*It includes food rich in sulfur,protein,phosphorus like egg,nuts,yogurts,green leafy vegetables (carrot,spinach)

*Avoid stress by doing yoga,meditation or any of your favourite hobbies

*Trim hair every 3 months to remove split ends

*Avoid combing wet hair and taking warm showers

*Apply aloe vera gel to hair and scalp.Rinse off after 30 minutes.For best results do it thrice a week.

*Mix of egg white and olive oil can be applied to hair for 30 minutes.Then wash hair using any shampoo

*Grind 3-4 onions with coconut oil to get a thick paste.Then boil this paste along with coconut oil until the colour of oil turns dark brown.After cooling you can drain oil and use it daily 1 hour before taking bath.For best result you can use virgin coconut oil.

*Take equal amount of curry tree leaves (kariveppila), betel(vettila) and hibiscus leaves.Cut into small pieces and boil with coconut oil until it turns dark green.Drain it after cooling.For best results apply to scalp and hair 1 hour before bath.