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Widespread protest over Class 9 student’s suicide; the Department of Education denies of under preparation

Malalapuram DDE said that the education department has not fallen short of preparations in conducting online classes. However, the state got shocked upon hearing the the suicide of a student from Irimpiliyam in Malappuram. While commenting on the incident, the Education Department has estimated that more than half a million students in the district do not have access to online learning facilities. The DDE said it is in consultation with local bodies to provide classes. The Department of Education will ensure that no child should get deprived of learning due to lack of facilities.

Meanwhile, Kerala has witnessed widespread protest across the state over the suicide of the student. Several student organizations led march to key centers in the state and resulted in police lathi charge. Congress MLA Shafi Parambil has informed that the Kerala Youth Congress would bear the cost of the education of both the sister and brother of the deceased Devika.