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What role did Shilpa Shetty play in her husband’s blue film business? This is the shocking revelation made by the Mumbai Police

The Raj Kundra case came out yesterday, shaking up the Bollywood industry. He is the husband of famous actress Shilpa Shetty. His method was to do nude photo shoots with actresses for acting in web series and movies, to act in such scenes, and then sell it all on the internet. His arrest has sparked controversy. Some allege that his wife Shilpa Shetty was also involved.

Mumbai police have made a crucial revelation as to whether Shilpa Shetty is involved in the case. Police have registered a case against Raj Kundra for allegedly forcing her to act in pornographic scenes. Following this, Raj was arrested by the Mumbai police. He will remain in police custody till July 23. Police are hoping to get crucial information from him.

Police have also arrested one of his aides. He is being questioned. All the pictures and videos taken are coming from a London based application. The name of this app is Hot Shorts. The app has now been withdrawn from the Play Store and iPhone App Store following a complaint. It is understood that there will be further investigation into this matter anyway. The investigation will extend to wife Shilpa Shetty anyway.

According to Mumbai police, it is not yet clear whether his wife Shilpa Shetty is involved in the case. An investigation is underway against the star. Only then will the role of the actress be revealed. However, people on social media say that he would not have done such a thing without Shilpa Shetty’s knowledge.

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