Welcoming Dad to the house and the children

Welcoming Dad to the house and the children

The good news on social media today is that actor Tovino Thomas has left Aa, Shupa, Tri. A few days ago, at the location of the movie ‘Kala’, Pari, K., and Tovino were seriously admitted to that, Shupa, Tri. He was later transferred to I, CU, following the discovery of internal blood clots.

Tovino’s children now welcome their father home with joy and love. Tovino himself shared the news on his Facebook page.

“I got home.

There are no other difficulties at present, I suggest you to rest for the next few weeks. ❤

The greatest lesson of these last days is the realization that each of you loves me so closely to your heart. The confidence and responsibility that that love gives me will be my motivation to move forward.

See you soon with great movies and your favorite characters ..

Your own Tovino. ”


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