WCC urged for immediate action on Dileep Issue

In line with their previous comments, WCC members have come forward urging AMMA to look into the Dileep issue on a serious note. Though they have already submitted two letters before, WCC members have now handed over the third letter on this regard. Having already submitted two letters, WCC members were reportedly unhappy with the way in which AMMA handled the issue. As per the latest letter, WCC members wanted AMMA to take an immediate action on Dileep issue by this Tuesday.

The series of letters composed by WCC members, asked AMMA to give a correct explanation on its action of revoking the decision of suspending Dileep from the organization. Soon when WCC raised the issue, AMMA initiated a meeting with them, which happened on August 7th; back then, WCC members maintained that they were happy with the way the meeting had ended.

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