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Unni Mukundan to headline ‘Gandharva Jr’

Unni Mukundan is all set to headline an upcoming film titled ‘Gandharva Jr’. The upcoming film is helmed by Vishnu Aravind, and is written by Praveen Prabharam and Sujin Sujathan. Billed as a pan-Indian film, ‘Gandharva Jr’ will be releasing in multiple languages including Malayalam and Hindi.
The actor recalled how he received an edited photo from a netizen years ago, which featured him as the Gandharva.
“I don’t know how many of you believe in the concept of manifestation. For me, it’s the only proof of the existence of the actual supreme. The Mind. I for many reason was fascinated with the all the historical proofs of all our ancestoral beings, the cosmos, the supernaturals and so much more. For all my loved ones who kept messaging me to come on screen as, The Gandharva, all I wanna say is that our little manifestation has come to life. The feedback to the movie announcement was just crazy. Sharing this beautiful edit that had reached me years back from one of you guys. I had saved it. More surprises to follow up, slowly. Till then wait for it, and see you at the movies. Keep manifesting your dreams 🙏❤️,” Unni Mukundan said in his note, shared on Instagram.
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