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Ummachi does not have a close relationship with me. There is always a beat, Vapichi told me to clap my hands when I see him in the theatre

In a short time, Shine Nigam has captured the attention of the audience on the big night. Seeing Shane on the big screen, every film lover feels like a son born to achieve his father’s dreams. Because he was an actor who was not considered enough in the cinema despite his talent. Abi came into the cinema only with mimicry without any film tradition. When his son came to the cinema and started to win it one by one, Abi also enjoyed it with his eyes and mind. Abi has seen Shane’s Parava movie. Abi’s death was after the release of Parva. After his death, Shane’s guide and manager are all Umma. What Shane said in an interview to The Q is becoming noticeable.

‘It has been seen up to Vapicchi Parava. I even told a friend that I should clap when I see my son in the theater. After seeing that, I went away. Vapichi also gave me an award at the Qatar show held before that. In other words, everything was cinematic. I am still a little boy for my mother.’

At the same time, Ummachi talks and looks at me in such a way that I am still not even five years old. Thinking that love is not a relationship. There are always beats. Then everything will be fine without saying sorry. Sometimes you forget the fight itself’,

Rakesh Sudheesan
Rakesh Sudheesan
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