Ultra thug birthday pictures taken by Amala Paul, taken over by social media

Ultra thug birthday pictures taken by Amala Paul, taken over by social media

Actress Amala Paul is one of the most beloved actresses in Kerala. Amala Paul has been a presence in South Indian cinema for the last ten years. Amala Paul will make her acting debut in the movie Neelathaamara directed by Lal Jose. Amalapol was present in Malayalam as well as Tamil and Telugu. Through the movie Run Baby Run, she got the chance to act as the heroine of a superstar like Mohanlal at a very young age.

A. L. The character in the movie Divathirumakal directed by Vijay got a lot of attention. Later, Amalapol became one of the leading heroines in Tamil. Vijay then starred in the movie Thalaiva. Social media is also a very active player then. Amalapol constantly informs her fans about all her new experiences. All the pictures shared by Amala Paul go viral in a matter of seconds.

During the nine days of Navratri celebrations, all the pictures shared by Amalapol were well received. Amalapol shared pictures on Instagram describing the special features of each day of Navratri and wearing the appropriate costumes. The pictures all made social media a big celebration. Now Amala Paul has uploaded a few new pictures on social media.

Amala Paul has now uploaded her birthday pictures. The actor’s birthday was on October 26. Now pictures of the birthday party are shared. Amala Paul appears in an ultra modern outfit. Within seconds of sharing the pictures, all the pictures were taken up on social media. Very good comments are coming down on the film. Many people are now coming to wish the star a happy birthday.

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