To replicate Hector’s success, the electric SUV hit a range of 428 km in January

The electric SUV, which will be launched in the MG market next to Hectare, will be unveiled early next month. MG said it will begin booking the vehicle by December. The electric SUV is expected to hit the market in January next year.

The Z-Z SUV is the second vehicle in India to be launched by MG. The vehicle was unveiled at a Chinese motorshow late last year. Electric SUV is similar to ZXX in the Chinese market.

The vehicle is powered by a 150 hp electric motor. It can reach 50 km / h in zero seconds in 3.1 seconds. The SUV has the advantage of being able to travel up to 335 km on a single charge. In addition, the company claims that if it goes 60 km / h, it will charge up to 428 km / h.

The vehicle will also have a fast charging technology that can charge up to 80 per cent if charged in half an hour. The company plans to import and assemble components in India to be sold in India. The MG vehicles will be launched from the Gujarat-based Halol Shala, acquired by General Motors. The vehicles are led by engineers from the UK, China and India. MG Motor India is the co-founder of Saik Motor Corp., the leading automaker in China.

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