Image Courtesy: Twitter

TikTok finally comes to a halt in India

The complete functioning of popular Chinese app Tiktok, has come to a complete halt in India.  It was in last night, which the country has banned 59 Chinese apps, including Tiktok. Soon then, Tiktok app disappeared from the Google Playstore and Apple Store for Indian users.  However, from today onwards, those that had already installed the app on their phones, too would not be able to access the app. Tictok is now disabled on all devices including the desktop.

Stating that they were complying with the Indian government’s decision to ban 59 apps, the officials of the application also maintained that it is important to protect the privacy and security of all of its customers in India. Last day, the Union Ministry issued an order banning 59 apps, including Tiktok.  The action was taken under the section 69A of the Information Technology Act.

The ban on Chinese apps was taken after considering concerns raised in parliament, regarding the security of the customers of the banned apps. Subsequently, Tiktok was blocked from downloading from Google Playstore and Apple Store, making it impossible for Indian users to download. Whenever someone from India tries downloading the app, the following dialogue box will appear – This app is not available in your country.