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Those who carved Ambili for days, also read this, Ambili’s mother reveals the truth

Ambili is a tic-tac-toe who has made waves on social media. The Malayalee community came to know Ambili through the famous YouTube blogger Arjun. Arjun did a reaction video for some of the videos made by Ambili and later Ambili gained fame. Many people followed Ambily through social media.

The other day, the news spread in the newspapers and on social media that Ambili had raped a minor girl and made her pregnant. Many people came out against Ambili’s action. Many had accused Ambili of being a gentleman by day. There was a huge response to this issue, including on social media. The issue was also discussed on YouTube channels.

Now the victim girl and Ambili’s mother have come to the scene to respond to the issue. The girl says that Ambili did not torture me and that the relationship took place by mutual consent. The girl says that she left her family a few days ago and slept with Ambili. It had been at Ambili’s house for so long. The girl also says that he is a pauper.

Ambili’s mother reacted to the incident with tears in her eyes. The natives claimed that their marriage was apparently over and that they were to live together as per the court order. The court ruled that the girl could only live together when she was eighteen. According to Ambili’s friends, the girl was a minor.

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